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Opals First Flight & Teotihuacan

Opal first flight flight went from Tapachula, Mexico where the 6 of us flew to Ciudad de Mexico. She wasn't too sure about it, and definetly wasn't thrilled to go through the entire process twice for her connecting flight to LAX. Once in Mexico City, we parted ways; Opal and I had an immediate connection whereas the boys all were staying to do a bit of site seeing and visit Teotihuacan. Unfortunately our flight got cancelled and I had to lug two 50 pound duffles, a crate and a dog back through customs to re-book our flight. Thank goodness for porters, and that I already had a place to crash that night with my fam. In the end, we all got on our flights. I flew to LAX, and the boys flew to Hawaii, where I would meet up with them after dropping Opal off at my parents.

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