boat school

Details everyone asks about:

*We are a registered private school with the state of California. We are not required to "test"  our kids. It doesn't mean we won't eventually, but we don't have to. 

* Worldschooling - it's an actual thing! We desire our kids to be life-long learners. We're    using the world as our classroom, and following curiosities whereever they lead. 

*At this time we do not use a set curriculum except for Math. For that, we are using Life of Fred. For the older two it combines science with math. And for Finn it has heaps of extra stuff in it he's learning in addition to math. It's a great fit for us. We do reading, writing math, along with science, history, geography, Spanish and curiosities. If time is limited, we do writing and math. Since Chris is a credentialed Social Studies and Technology teacher, that  component falls in quite naturally with our lifestyle and the kids interests.


First Week of School [ Year One ]:

We've gotten off to a good start. The boys began and finished the four 4's from YouCubed's Week of Inspirational Maths ( Surprisingly, Finn dove right in and figured out 3 of the problems right away. For being in 2nd grade, I was impressed. As soon as he lost interest, I moved him to something else from YouCubed and let the other two keep at it. 

Showing off the finished four 4's

In addition to journaling, goal setting and reading we did #12 in our book How to Be an Explorer of the World. I used it as a brainstorming exercise, which we used as a writing prompt. It's been a long summer and each of them is a bit out of writing practice! After that, we made perception goggles that go with the exercise. It's all about getting them more in tune with what's around them, and helping them to express it at their grade levels (or beyond). 
Perception Goggles