"Top Ten" or "Best of" lists on blogs are my favorite. I find value in them whether I know a great deal, or very little about a subject because there is always something I can learn. And when it comes to living on a boat, this is especially true! So in the spirit of lists- these are my own favorites, highlighting what's working well for us in all kinds of categories. Note, these ARE NOT affiliate links, just stuff we find value in. 


We pre-ordered this book when it first came out and in our planning stages. It answered a lot of questions we had, and even ones we didn't know to ask. My oldest son read it as well, and helped excite him about life afloat.
It's a lot of skin care wrapped up in science but that's why I love it. I'm all about natural/homemade skin care and this book tells you exactly how to do just that. Living on a boat can be super harsh on the skin. After reading Bio Young,  I feel empowered to take care of my families skin without using products that contain chemicals. The chapter on sun is the best!

is the backbone of our teaching philosophy. Simply put, Jo Boaler shows us through proven brain research that everyone can do math, that speed is NOT the answer, and that struggle through deep learning is good! When we get an answer wrong our brain grows, and then grows again once we get it right! It's a great read for parents who are breaking free from the older educational way of thinking and who want to be inspired that their kids CAN do math.

This is a really fun book to help get kids thinking outside themselves and "the box!" We incorporate it into our schooling because we believe observing and documenting  the world around us in creative ways is important. 


iPad Mini - Or any tablet. We prefer Apple for the kids because most of our family members back in the States has an iPhone. This way, the kids can keep in touch via texting and face time when available. It also saves us from having to ask family to download and check Google Hangouts (which we use on our androids). It's smoother this way for us, and will be different for every family. 

San Disc Media PlayerThis little piece of tech has been awesome. Gone are the days of "customizing" iPads so that each child had fresh media for any given trip. All media gets loaded on the drive, not the tablet. It broadcasts a Local Area Network (LAN) which can be password protected. Up to 5 devices can access it at a time, so all 3 of our kids (plus the hubby and I) can watch whatever we like. NO MORE FIGHTING over which show to watch with our tech time. We have a ton of educational Youtube videos, audiobooks, music and movies all on this little box. We've used it on road trips, in airplanes and on passages. For Minecraft lovers, it enables them to play in a world together when wifi is unavailable. 

Lego - I learned long ago not to underestimate these little blocks, and it holds true for life afloat. It's a low floor/high ceiling activity that connects kids of all ages. If you have Lego lovers like us, then you probably are wondering how much to bring. I let the kids fill a large shoebox sized bin of their favorite pieces, and that seems to be sufficient. 

Scooter - Specifically a scooter where the handle folds down for easy storage. This has been a big help when going out and exploring new places or for going to the store. Little legs just can't do as much as long legs, especially on hot days. 


Name tag - This is an obvious item, but remember to include your boat name & country of origin. Contact info should have an alternate number incase you can't be reached. 

Microfiber Towel  - This is a handy little towel. It gets sand out of our dog's coat easily and packs up nicely in the dingy bag for playtime at the beach. We like that Opal has her own little towel so we don't have to get wet dog smell on ours. 

Life Vest - This is the vest we chose for Opal, and we really like it. She moves naturally in it, and its handle is strong enough for us to lift her from dingy to boat, etc. It's bright yellow color makes her easy to spot, however my only criticism is the safety light strap began showing wear after minimal use. That being said, I'd still buy this jacket due to it's durable handle and bottom support compared to others I've seen. (Oh, and make sure you put your dog's name and vessel name on the jacket!)

Nighttime light-up collar -