From the classroom days
Chris. He's a passionate teacher, dreamer, and Skipper of Secret Water. His love of sailing was solidified in high school. After a good long break from the sport he is back out on the water, this time with his family by his side. Since leaving the classroom in 2014, Chris has been putting his Google Innovator Teacher and Trainer skills to use around the US and Canada as an ed tech consultant. In addition, he runs Minecrafter Camps for kids in the summer and has co-authored a book titled Unofficial Minecraft Lab for Kids second and a second STEM focused book Minecraft STEM Lab for Kids
My first time on "Secret Water"

Annie.  I'm up for any adventure where it involves following Chris! After agreeing to the idea of selling almost everything and moving onto a sailboat, I began taking lessons at the Santa Barbara Sailing Center. There I discovered I might just love the next few years of my life! I have a degree in Landscape Architecture from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, basically meaning I love plants and the creative process. After working at a firm for several years, I began working as a stay at home mom after our second son's birth.  I've been on a journey to live naturally and keep my family healthy that way for the last 10 years. I've enjoyed making homemade remedies, body and cleaning products, which has helped forge an outlet for my love of plants and creativity. 

Poolside at G.G. Charlotte's
Josiah. This boy is one of the kindest, diplomatic kids you'll ever meet. He is curious, intelligent, loves to read, tinker and build. From legos to random parts, he is always putting things together. He loves engineering, inventions and his friends. For Josiah, the idea of leaving it all behind to learn in new and exciting ways wasn't a difficult choice. But leaving his friends behind didn't prove to be as easy. We are hoping that technology will help ease the pains of separation.

Enjoying a water park day in Paso
Robles, CA.
Eli.  He is our long haired sun kissed boy. He's okay with 
occasionally being mistaken for a girl because of it. He loves coding, sports, guns, bow and arrows, and remote control cars. His easy going, can do attitude helps serve him well. He is intelligent, sweet natured, loves to read Harry Potter as well as playing with friends. He was more than happy to leave the "normal" school system for "boat school."

At our Bend, OR Minecrafter Camp
Finn.  Finn is our creative free-spirit. He has an uncanny appreciation for the arts, and a keen attention to detail. From the way he looks at something to his ability to discern a story or situation, it is far beyond his years. He is curious, passionate and full of wonder. The light that shines inside of him is unique, and we hope that this adventure will fuel the fire within him. 

Port San Luis in Avila Beach, CA

Opal.  Our "girl" is mostly beagle with a little basset, which makes her a bagel! There were only a few conditions I had when agreeing to Chris' idea of sailing off into the sunset. One of them was, If Opal could go, then I would too. She's my sweet dog, and we're hoping she adjusts to boat life alongside of us.

Our super fun and creative friend @igmasterw doodled our first 20 years.