Language School Update

I have to say, I've been very pleased with the Spanish school, El Nopal.The boys Spanish is coming along nicely, and despite the fact they don't like having homework this month, they love it. Wednesday's alternate between cooking and art, which gives them a chance to learn with other students in a hands on, real world experience. Most of their other classes are private instruction with just the 3 of them. Next month we'll start going two days a week, since we need some days to finish out boat school for the year, but we'll be keeping Wednesdays. So far they have learned about the artist Mondrian, and Salvador Dali. I also received some really nice Mother's Day cards. This year, I once again shared Mother's Day with Finn on his birthday since we celebrated Mexican Mother's Day. 

Mondrian art

Salvidor Dali

They also studied huricán's (hurricane's) and earthquakes. They loved their huricán models.