Adios Mexico....Hola Gulfo de Fonseca!

After a year and a half of Cruising Mexico, it was time to move on to Central America. The challenge of finally going to another country was both exciting and nerve-wracking. We were used to Mexico, it had become 'known' so all the more reason to move on.

The plan: meet up with Taliesin Rose in the Gulfo de Fonseca. 

Hasta Luego amigos, Ronny, Roberto, Lila and Bruce!

Adios, Mexico!

Opal didn't seem too bothered about leaving Mexico.

First stop, El Salvador. Taliesin Rose came into view, anchored on Isla Conchaguita awaiting our arrival. After a fairly easy two night passage, we were excited to set the anchor, visit and explore.
Entering Gulfo de Fonseca

Opal taking in the sights, smells and sounds of Isla Conchaguita

Taliesin Rose