And They're Off! [Annie's Version]

         Today was the day. OUR boat Secret Water officially began it's journey a part of our family. Chris, his brother Cy, my cousin Ward (both Washingtonians) along with a boat captain named Jerry set off from Bellingham to retrieve the boat and sail it Anacortes, WA while boys and I are here at home holding down the fort.

         Anacortes is a much bigger harbor with lots of boating amenities. After today Chris will remain on the boat by himself to make necessary repairs and maintenance in anticipation of the next leg: bringing Secret Water all the way to our home coast. Chris has a thing at Microsoft next week for Minecraft, but other than that he will be on the boat by his lonesome.

         So this is how the day unfolded for me through pictures, experiencing it from afar.

They made it!

I'm sure Chris will have his version of the day with lots of details posted soon. 

The adventure continues!