Yesterday was a lovely Wednesday afternoon. The kids haven't formally started their new "homeschool" so we were going about the day just as any other fun summer day. We decided to head down to Santa Barbara to sail. After all, our family had never actually been on a sailboat all together at one time, that's something we should probably do, right? On our way we got a call. The sellers accepted our amended offer!! Wow. Could it really al be coming together?

We bought a boat.

Oh my gosh. We really just bought a boat.

I don't even know how to sail this boat yet.

It's 54 feet long. That's 30 feet longer than anything I've sailed before.

Deep breathes. Excitement. Panic. And then more excitement.

We can do this, we're Cal Poly SLO grads. It's going to be learn by doing at it's finest.

So yea, we bought a boat. Its name is Secret Water, and it's from Canada.

Happy Anniversary to us...let the adventure continue!!!!

Here we are aboard a J24 outside of Santa Barbara Harbor, 
just after finding out about getting Secret Water.