Leaving Anacortes, WA

I'm so glad today is here. I don't love that I'll be out of communication with hubby while Secret Water makes passage down to California, but I am beyond excited to have our family back together. We expect the trip to take 7-10 day, so hopefully they will pull into Channel Islands Harbor by October 1st. That would be very exciting since the boys and I will be camping with friends in Carpenteria. We'd be able to pop down to the harbor super fast from there.  

We have a Spot tracker onboard Secret Water so we can track the boats progress and location. I can tell I'm not going to be very productive this next week or so, since I'm super addicted to refreshing the feed on my phone, seeing where they are at!

Eventually we'll be able to show Secret Water's location here on our website for all to see, but for now we just have the app. One of the many things to work on!


  1. Hi! Amazing adventure! I'm Kevin - your Aunt Ruth's husband Bill's nephew. We met at your grandparents' place a couple decades back. Bill sent an email about your impending adventure since it turns out we all love boats! I had a Hunter 280 for some 8 years, sold it last year, and this year got a new Dufour 350 (new boats are crazy too!). I've been living in Singapore for 13-14 years now. So if you make it this far, I'd love to show you around.

    Secret Water looks lovely and forgiving. Looks rather comfy for a family. If you're heading to the tropics, do think about ventilation. You can never have too much ventilation in the tropics (we sleep in the cockpit and only go to the cabin to retrieve food).

  2. Hi Kevin,
    We'd love to meet up with you if/when we make it to Singapore! A new Dufour 350 sounds gorgeous, I can only imagine what a new boat feels like.
    Secret Water is definitely forgiving. She's built like a tank with a spacious interior. My 3 weeks on the boat has reinforced my belief that we bought the right boat. Secret Water has fairly large hatches that open facing fore and aft, we're hoping that will help create some ventilation throughout the boat.
    Also, Nikolay (the captain I hired) from www.sandiegocaptains.com recommended I install a few more 12v fans throughout the boat before we venture into the Sea of Cortez. I can't wait to sail and swim in warm waters. I'll make sure Annie reads your comment as well. Thanks for your comment!


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