New Normals

Hard to not love a day that starts off with this sunrise.

While I've been working on finding a home for everything down below, the boys have been helping Chris and having fun fishing, paddle boarding. They're favorite new boat skill is going up the mast (60') in the bosun's chair to either "hang" out or do jobs. Eli cleaned all the spreaders for us, which now look fresh and clean. 

Their school has been mostly reading, writing about their experiences in their journal, and doing math apps on their iPads. It was too challenging to dive deep and do expanded projects in the last month, so we took a couple of weeks of "Fall break" and have been slowly doing more and more once again. I think we'll be up and running to where I'd like to be back in December. They are leaning either way.

Opal went on the SUP for the first time! We didn't take her out, just let her chill. We REALLY want her to like it, so we're taking it slow.