The Struggle is REAL

Finn aboard our new anchor, a Rocna 40

I know we have absolutely nothing to complain about, so please don't mistake this post as whining. But, the struggle of transitioning to the cruising life is real. Downsizing-what to keep, what to move on. Saying goodbye to friends. Whether it ends up being a goodbye for now, or forever only time will tell.

For a time, it was all about excitement. The idea of a boat, looking for a boat, getting a boat, and finally having a boat that we visited. What's not to love about that?! Then it came, time to start saying goodbye- to people, places and things we care about. It almost felt like it came out of nowhere, but it didn't. We knew all these things were going to happen, but knowing and going through them are two different things. I love that we are downsizing, there is such a freedom in it, but to my seven year old Finn, it is hard. He is sentimental about almost everything. I think we've found a good balance with him, but he still isn't wanting to move on the boat. As for Josiah, he is missing his group of friends at school like something fierce. We've made sure he's had plenty of time with his bestie, but the truth is living 9 houses away from the school he once went to is like torture for him. Then there's Eli. He's ready for the adventure, and seems to have little problem with all of this change. And then Chris, well he's excited. If he wasn't, I'd be nervous!

I am looking forward to a new routine and one place to call home. I'm completely over the limbo of October and these past days in November. So even though I'm grieving leaving friends and the comfort of my home on land, I know that I'm complete wherever my family is all together. I've just got to push through the last few days here of packing and cleaning....another real struggle.