New Dodger Window Panels

One of the many things that attracted us Secret Water was that she came with an enclosed dodger. Having this enclosed space offers extra safety for the kids as well as protection from weather while we're underway or hanging out at a dock or anchorage. One thing that was a bummer about it was the window panels were extremely hard to see through due to age. So we once again enlisted the help of Hector (our cushions guy) to insert new window panels and I have to say this is probably one of the best project outcomes we've had. It is amazing. La Paz is the place to be for all these kids of repairs, and Hector is the guy to do it. He speaks English, but is always willing to listen to us attempt to communicate in Spanish and teach us the proper way to say something which is gold in my book. And as my dad has always said: "If you've got Gold, you don't trade it in for silver!"
On the left  - A new panel.
On the Right - An old panel.