Releasing Baby Sea Turtles

Well, we can check that off of the old bucket list! I think I speak for all of us when I say that taking part in releasing turtles into the wild - to make sure they have a chance to at least make it to the water was one of the most special things we've done. The statistics on sea turtle survival is fairly depressing, only 1 in 60 will make it. I'm hoping our little "Hermione" (a name given by the boys) is determined and still swimming along, making her/his way in her big new underwater world. I said a little pray for her right before the boys released her, told her to beware of ocean plastic, and not to mistake it for a jellyfish. Aside from being a tasty snack, sea turtles are one of the many who suffer from our use of plastics. Next time you go for a plastic straw, think of this little one, and opt not to! Alright, I've digressed...but know we can all start small to have a large impact on our ocean health.

We found out about this amazing experience from our diesel mechanic, Luis. He is a generous friend, and is very patient with our broken Spanish, even thought he speaks English fluently. If you are ever in need of his services in La Paz, we highly recommend him.

We caravanned out to Todo Santos for the release, which is west across Baja's peninsula to the Pacific side. I loved touching my toes to our "home" ocean, and hearing it's mighty crashing waves.  It was a magical evening in every way.