Puerto Escondido {Our first Norther}

We jammed up to Puerto Escondido from Agua Verde so that we could tuck in there for the Norther that was headed our way. We hadn't been through a norther before, but were told by numerous cruisers we'd experience consistent winds of about 25kts. with gusts to 35kts. which is pretty much what the wind reports were predicting.

Let me just say...this wasn't anything like that. What we experienced was consistent winds of 35-40kts with gusts to 60kts! 

The boys had a blast for a few hours harnessing themselves to the jib and flying up using their jackets as wings. We ended up breaking free of our mooring which took us about 45 minutes to get ourselves back on. Part of the process included us getting in the dingy to add more lines, at which point Chris' life vest inflated....! Our friends on Free Luff took the photos of us trying to reattach the mooring line. 

Taking Opal potty was fun...