Puerto Escondido {With SV Free Luff}

We first met Jody & Randy on Free Luff when we were in Frailles, and then connected again briefly in La Paz, where we solidified that they are just some downright fun folks. We enjoy their company and it's great how they include our kids in conversation in a way that doesn't put them on the spot or come across like 20 questions. It's easy to be around them. So we were pretty excited when we showed up in Puerto Escondido, and there they were!

While they were leaving shortly after we arrived, we did get to spend a fun day in Loreto, seeing the sights, eating, shopping and indulging in ice cream.  Jody is their full time blogger, and does a phenomenal job at it. You can see her blog post where we crossed paths here. Hoping we see them again soon.