Isla Carmen

We loved Isla Carmen, and again how close it is! These islands are uninhabited gems. Between Carmen and Danzante, Carmen seemed to be our favorite. It has an easier shoreline to beach the dingy or kayak at, and loads of beautiful coral pieces. And of course like everywhere in the sea, the sunsets are breathtaking. Once again there we didn't have wind, but seeing that it's "Norther" season, it seems to be either all or nothing right now. Chris, Josiah and Eli took the dingy to the other side of the island to do some fishing while Finn and I hung out on shore with Opal. We sort of didn't notice that Opal followed the dingy, and once we started calling for her she was no where to be found. So we waited. And waited. Eventually the 3 guys came back, not only with a couple fish but a beagle too.

Upside to not getting to put out the main...the boom makes a great seat.

Having some hammock time while underway. 

Hiking with Dad