Trip to Monterrey and Mexico City

Did you know that flying within Mexico is affordable? So affordable that you can take your family with you on a work trip for a reasonable price? I wish flying within the US was that same way, we could have travelled with Chris more often! When Chris was asked if he was interested in presenting at American School Foundation of Monterrey's (ASFM) Live Curious & Go Beyond Conference, we were of course all for it. A new place to see in Mexico, somewhere we can't get to by boat sounded fun. So we went. After landing in Monterrey, we needed to get our rental car. The first two cars in our price range had nails in their tires, so the guys had us take the sporty BMW sitting in the lot! My fist thought was, are they crazy? Why cant we have the SUV? But the look on all FOUR of my boys faces let me know we had the right car.  

We stayed with one of Chris' EdTech colleague/friend's house who works at ASMF. Brian and his family have a fun compound out in a preserve area called La Huasteca which was beautiful and fun. ASFM looks like a really fun school. Our boys had wide eyes walking around in such a big space and with so many kids. It's much bigger than what they were used to in public school, not to mention our boat school situation! I attended a couple of sessions on Dyslexia and met with the specialist to discuss my questions about Josiah's dyslexia. SUPER AMAZING BLESSING. We are new to navigating this world, and I'm trying to learn as much as I can to help he and I be successful in it.

Of course we ended our trip with a Costco run, where we constantly questioned how our food WEIGHED rather than how much it cost. We came prepared with a duffle to pack 50 pounds of food in it. Because 3 boys. They eat. A. Lot.

This is what Valentine's Day looks like this year

Chris in his sporty Beamer

The hubs at work

An incredible ceiling at Brian's house

Brian's house

 La Huasteca

We ended up missing our connecting flight from Mexico City to La Paz so we had to stay a night in CDMX. There is beautiful architecture that I've studied in the past that went straight to the top of the list when faced with "what do we do for just one night?" There ended up being a big festival representing all the Mexican states that was so much fun, right outside the cathedral I wanted to visit. 

Of course no post is really complete without a dose of Opal. 
She was super excited for us to spring her from her doggie spa in La Paz