Huatulco, Mexico

Huatulco has ended up being one of our favorite places along mainland Mexico! We pulled into the marina here because Chris needed to fly out to Florida for a couple days of work at a conference, so the boys and I just planned to hang here. The town itself is pretty fun, a little touristy, but very authentic as well. There are lots of things to do and see here. One of the best things we did was take a tour up into the rainforest. There, we got to swim in the river, jump off of waterfalls, go to villages that made chocolate, coffee, and have lunch prepared by local people. It was such a fantastic day, only made better that we did it with our friends we've been buddy boating with.

While Chris was at his education conference, the group of us went to see the newest Mayan ruins sight, Copalita. It made for a great field trip and everyone enjoyed themselves. The artifacts that they have recovered are beautiful. Afterwards, we hopped over to a beach to do a little surfing. 

Chris with his buddy Sean in Florida, while we're checking out Copalita and surfing. 

The rest of our time in Huatulco was spent hanging with our friends, which is always good for the soul!

Oaxaca is known for it's textiles. It was fascinating to watch them in action.