Zihuatanejo, Mexico

We loved exploring Zihuatanejo! It's very much alive with people and tourism, but it's local tourism so you really feel like you've immersed in the culture it has to offer. The tiendas aren't pushy trying to sell you their wares, and there are plenty of little markets within walking distance to get what you need. One great thing was we met up with our friends on Free Spirit & Taliesin Rose, who we'd last seen in Manzanillo. We also met Ty and Hilary on Varuna and had a great birthday dinner the night before Finn's 9th birthday! The following day, the kid boats came over for a little cake and ice cream celebrations.

During our time there, we went over to the beach across the bay in the dingies to clearer water. The snorkling there was great, and we had a fun time looking for the sunken statue of Jesus. We all shouted that we'd found Jesus when we did.

Also while we were in Zihua, I got my nose re-pierced. The last time I had it done I was 17, in London.

After 9 days, we decided to leave ahead of our friends and keep moving south, knowing we'd see them at the next anchorage.