Northern Costa Rica

Parting ways with Taliesin Rose in Nicaragua, we headed south and spent the next 4 weeks in Costa Rica, visiting all sorts of anchorages, each one beautiful and unique.

Our first stop was a sleepy little anchorage call Bahia Santa Elena. There we were introduced to millions of hermit crabs that inhabit the beaches and the sounds of howler monkeys in the nearby trees. We had the entire bay to ourselves and it was so peaceful.

Next, we stopped in Playa del Coco (our first official stop) to check in. It wasn't the easiest check-in because we were told Customs had moved so Chris had to do a bit of an out-of-the way trek to the airport, and ended up forgetting his passport! So the boys and I hopped in a cab to meet up with him. Costa Rica is really big on original documentation and made a big stink about us not having our original Coast Guard paperwork. After explaining to them that it came in the mail recently to our US address we could only provide them with was our scanned in copy they gave us a stern 'talking to' and said 'only this once.' Sure. Thanks.

Coco's wasn't really our scene being super touristy so we moved on pretty quick to a few other anchorages in Bahia Culebra. Our favorite anchorage in Culebra was Nacasolo. We spent a wonderful week there swimming, 'surfing' behind the dingy, digging for shells on the beach, and having close up interactions with Coatimundis, Howler and Capuchin monkeys. We also celebrated Thanksgiving while in Nacasolo, and decorating for Christmas the following day.

For the last couple of days in the bay we pulled into Marina Papagayo so that we could receive a package we'd been waiting on for weeks with a part for our water maker. Yay for a working water maker!! The boys enjoyed the fast internet, and we rented a car for one day to do some shopping and see inland a bit.

 Bahia Santa Elena

 Playa Nacasolo


How quickly Secret Water can be transformed!

 Dingy fun

 Day Trip!

Afternoon naps are the best