Southern Costa Rica

Our final stop in Costa Rica was Gulfito, and once again we were the only one in the anchorage. There we met quite a few American ex-pats who graciously brought us into their fold and showed us all the fun things to do there. Let's start with food...Meagan and Adam have the best Soda shop, Cafe Mercadito if you want an amazing American meal.  We learned about this from our friends on Salt, who we had a brief encounter with in Gulfito. Another cool monkey encounter happened at 5am when Bill, a retired university biology teacher picked us up and brought us to his house to feed his neighbors...Titi monkeys! Talk about a cool experience. Their little hands were so soft, and man they are quick! Then there is the cool couple building an eco lodge up in the jungle who gave a bunch of us a tour. And last but not least, we met Johan, his daughter and his buddy Andreas from Sweden! We had a really fun time getting to know, and learning about all the places everyone was from. It was nice that we could have these conversations in English too.