Friends Aboard

It was a busy Sunday showing off Secret Water. 

Chris arrived on Friday night and as soon as he had the boat buttoned up, we head out to our campsite in Carpenteria. That's what happens when reservations get make 6 months in advance! We returned to the boat on Sunday accompanied by our fellow camping families the St. Pierre's and Robb's. It was special to share our new home with dear friends. 

Shortly after arriving at the boat, Eli's best friend Luke and family also came to see Secret Water. Their enthusiasm throughout this long process of pursuing this dream and finding a boat has been so helpful. It's easy to feel like we are crazy, and tiring at times trying to make it all happen. So when others get genuinely excited about it what we are doing, and actively share in it, it's so refreshing and makes the process a tad easier. David, Luke's dad LOVES all things sailboats. It's fun to see his excitement for us. He and Chris can talk "sailboat" on a level the rest of us aren't at yet!

In addition, Chris' parents and family friend Lahni also came aboard, so it was a full boat for a bit! 

We decided to take the boat out for a quick "cruise" but the conditions weren't amazing so we heading back into the harbor pretty quick. It was Opal's first time on the boat, and I was really encouraged with how well she did. 

Eli and Luke. They've been friends since preschool days. 

David at the helm.

Linda and I

Our first family photo on Secret Water.