When we bought Secret Water, we wanted to redo the seat cushions but it wasn't top on the to-do list. It was a "wait till Mexico" item. While they were in pretty good shape they were worn. I even contemplated not doing it at all in effort to be frugal. But once we moved aboard, the sneezing began. If the lighting was right, you'd see a dust cloud rise out of the cushions as someone sat. Josiah, who struggles with a sensitivity to that sort of thing was greatly affected. So the decision was made, we'd definitely be getting the cushions redone once in Mexico. And can I say, I'm thrilled with the outcome. We chose to use Hector (  here in La Paz. We did a bit of homework asking around the marina, and checked out some of his work. Anyone that used him had nothing but great things to say, and his work was lovely. Needless to say we're pretty happy with our updated interior. The cushions are all new, and much more comfortable. And, no dust clouds or sneezing! I'd say the only difficulty we had in the entire process was with coming up with UD dollars! We didn't expect that he would work in dollars, so we had to get creative to come up with the cash.


Hector made a slip cover for the couch cushion in the same fabric for Opal. It's her favorite spot on the boat, so I appreciate the extra protection it provides.

We also did our nav station and lower helm, they're just not pictured.