Baja to Mainland

The day finally came when we were ready to cross over to mainland and start heading south. For seven months we had made the Sea of Cortez our home and to be honest we'd gotten very comfortable. We'd met friends, become familiar with places, visiting them more than once and were able to travel back and forth between our boat and California to visit family from time to time. It felt like the best of both worlds, but our itch to push ourselves and see more won out. The plan was to head south to Sueños and cross from there, but when we began crossing the swell was more intense than what reports had shown and Secret Water was practically dipping her toe rails. That's pretty intense for us given her freeboard. Needless to say, given how sick that made Eli and I, Chris made the decision to turn back and wait for better swell. We ended up at Frailles for a couple of days watching reports before making a second attempt. Knowing it would never be amazing for the ones who get sick, we carried on. Needless to say, there aren't any photos of the actual crossing, just of our way from La Paz to Sueños and Frailles.

We were all super pleased to pull into the La Cruz anchorage in Banderas Bay after two days. (seas at 6-7ft, 6 seconds apart) The first half we were able to sail, and then had to motor the second half. I'm not sure how people cross the Pacific. So many people we know are about to do it, and it amazes me.

The only pictures underway. Opal is wondering what in the heck we're doing.