Barra de Navidad, Mexico

Arriving in Barra, we had one main expectation - The French Baker. The sailing guides talk about him and everyone we know who's gone before us report back that it's a heavenly luxury. Bread/baked goods are one of those things on a boat that is either a lot of work, or something you settle with. Having dry/frozen or accidentally smashed bread is a common thing for us. We don't often bake yummy dessert type items because it heats up the boat. Chris makes pretzels, and it's a real treat. So having an authentic French baker show up at your boat with fresh deliciousness is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.
If we stayed there any longer than we did, we'd be fat and have a blown food budget...whatever that means with 3 boys. Our food budget is an always growing, so I don't know how we can call it a budget. I digress. 

Back to Barra. The town has a real small town authentic vibe, but maintains a beachy touristy feel. There is also a big hotel with a Marina that has some great pools. We splurged for Finn's birthday to have a couple days at the pool which made not only Finn happy but the rest of us as well. The water taxi's will take you to town or the hotel for cheap as well. I'd say the only difficult thing about Barra is getting into the lagoon. We totally ran aground, which stunk, but thankfully Chris unstuck us and we safely anchored in the right spot for our draft with the help of other boats in the anchorage. Love that about cruisers, they are always ready to help.

Josiah decided to make his scooter an electric scooter!