San Diego, CA [Anchorage to Anchorage]

So we moved to the A-9 cruiser anchorage last week. On the upside, it's completely free and has great views of the SD skyline and Midway, however it's a bit exposed to the harbor channel which makes it rolly, AND it's right next to ( I really mean RIGHT next to) the airport so it's loud. I go back and forth whether I love the airplanes, or if they annoy me. All and all, it's refreshing to finally feel like we are living a true cruiser lifestyle, even if we are in the states for longer than we planned. 

The kids and I went to Legoland on Thursday with Chris' cousin Eric, who works there. It was nice to have some time off the boat. While we were gone, Chris decided we were going to go check out the weekend La Playa anchorage. It's free too, but only available for 72 hours on the weekends. Since we wanted a break from the cruiser anchorage, and needed more anchoring practice, it was an all around great idea. 

La Playa was lovely. It was calm, and had a beach the kids could play at, easily accessed by kayak or dingy.  72 hours there passed by quickly, especially since we had Chris' mom and friend Lahni aboard with us.

It feels a bit strange to be ping-ponging around the harbor, but it's good practice for us.  And since we're sticking around waiting on our new windlass to arrive by mail from the east coast, what better way to use our time. I only wish we had our windlass with all this anchoring! It's quite a job pulling up our 88lb. anchor each time by hand!! It's a muddy mess.  But with it, we're getting better, and that feels good.

Opal says, "This is a good spot!"