The WINDLASS has arrived!

After making the agonizing decision whether to rebuild our existing, or buy a new windlass we decided to get a new one. Rebuilding would be over $1000, and with parts/repairs, and with all the big fixes we've needed to do lately, we didn't want to risk another component of it failing. We opted for the Maxwell 1500, a model that is not the latest and greatest, but one that has the exact same bolt pattern as our current Maxwell. That will make for a more seamless install. Happy was the day it arrived! It was shipped to a family member in SD, then picked up by Chris' dad, Dave as he headed down to see us for a few days.

Chris and Dave got to work putting it in. They worked well into the evening last night, in hopes of using it this morning. And let me tell worked like a dream, smooth as butter!! Great purchase. Now we're on weather watch for a good window to work our way down the Baja coast. That is, if nothing else breaks first. 

We got a new windlass!