Newport Beach [Family and Friends]

Despite the on and off storms since our arrival in Newport, we've all loved being here. The boys have had oodles of fun over at the Fun Zone, riding rides, and playing the arcades. We've eaten at Ruby's on the pier a couple times, walked to get frozen bananas and taffy at the candy shop on Balboa Island with family. I've never had the desire to move back to Orange County, as I'm more of a laid back Central Coast gal now, but if I needed to live in OC, this is how I'd like to do it...on a boat.

We are so grateful for our friends and family taking time to see us. I never imagined we'd be here this long, even still there were a few of you that it didn't work out to see. Between work being done on the boat, and us having to go back to "normal" routine with school, we did the best we could to see as many people as possible. We especially enjoyed all the extra time spent with family, it was a heaven sent silver lining to waiting on parts being delivered. Orange County hasn't felt like home in a really long time, but for these 5 weeks it has. Maybe that's because we literally brought our home with us!

 Cousins Gretta and Georgia having fun playing around with the boys.

 My sisters and I 

 This was my parents first time on Secret Water, they really seemed to enjoy boat life for the day.

Our crazy awesome friends, the Coughran girls. We missed the seeing you Isaiah and Roscoe!

 Chris' grandma (Gigi), aunt Teresa, and cousin Annie. Gigi has been such a big help and supporter for us. She's super familiar with boating, and has answered a lot of our questions about the different Socal harbors.

 Annie and Opal loving on each other. I will say that everyone who has met Opal, has loved her and offered to help watch her if we needed. We love Opal too!

 Jenell and her cute fam came aboard and stayed for dinner. She and I have been friends since the 5th grade, and even both went to Cal Poly SLO and got Landscape Architecture degrees. Actually, she's the person who introduced me to the field! Thanks Nelly!

Chris' parents made several trips down from Paso to visit us. Grandpa was great at making sure the boys had plenty of arcade time and buffalo wings to eat. 

Well you can't go to Balboa Island and not indulge in the touristy frozen banana! We went back a second time with Ashley and Lahni.  And, we also hit up the candy store with Nana to get a stash of salt water taffy. Chris and I even had a chance to have breakfast on Balboa together...just the two of us, thanks to Mimi and Gigi taking the boys for a night!
This is one of Finn's friends from the Central Coast who now lives in OC. We loved having Ada, her bro Hudson and dad on board.

These cute little ladies are right at home on a boat since they have one moored a short dingy ride away from Secret Water. Their dad David, who I don't seem to have a single picture Chris' best friend from Jr./High school. He got Chris into sailing and has been our biggest encourager, helper and all around supporter in buying and transitioning to boat life. Pretty sure we couldn't have done this without him. It was such a pleasure getting to know his girls better, and spending more time with he and his wife Katie. 
Chris and I met at youth group in high school, and Dave was our youth pastor. He's also an avid sailor and would take our group out on sailing adventures. I wasn't all that fond of sailing on his fast catamaran at the time, but would go cause I loved the ocean and my friends. Who knew all these years later I'd be living on a sailboat!

The public dock by our boat was at the end of Opal Ave. It was super convenient to park there, and of course we're fond of the name!

I spy Secret Water beneath the ferry sign!
Sunsets are amazing. 

 The boys liked playing at Marina Park. It has dingy parking which is an added bonus to make it easy to access.

Prepping for our next leg of the adventure. Our mobility won't be as easy in San Diego, so we're doing as much stocking up as possible. 

Heading out at sunrise, San Diego Bound. 

Goodbye Newport!