San Diego, [Shelter Island - The Good]

My last post was a bit whiney about all that hasn't really gone right. But I can honestly say, we've loved spending time at the docks, meeting other sailors, and visiting with family and friends. So there has been lots of good, mixed in with the pains of boat repairs. Like this sunrise. 

We've had a fun time checking out all the cool boats in the harbor, climbing trees, running on grass with bare feet, easily taking Opal on walks, kayaking (Opals first time), and on our last day here playing in the water. We even went to the USS Midway, which was epic.

We visited with Chris' Grandma Anne, Aunt Diane and family as well as his cousin Katie and family. Kaite has 3 boys of similar ages to our boys, so it was tons of fun to see these cousin having tons of fun together. 

We had a special visit from one of Josiah's good buddies (and our friends as well), Owen and family who were here in SD visiting family. I didn't tell Josiah that Owen was coming and just let him be surprised. Again, another family of 3 boys for ours to play with. 

Loved having Dave and Ayme aboard, they are so refreshing!

We also were excited to have Chris's Aunt Diane, and Aunt Susan from Idaho come for a quick visit. Cousin Sarah also came, but unfortunately I don't have any pictures.

 Costco run. Because we have 3 boys.

Sword making. Because we have 3 boys.

Our good friends David and Nicole from younger Cal Poly days now live in Encinitas, came for dinner and our 6 kids had a fun time building with Lego pieces together. Did you know that the word Lego is meant to be singular? I have always just said "Legos." I've been wrong all these years. 

[Hoping to get a pic - will you send me one Nicole!?]

Another college friend, Jon, who lives here in SD came and had dinner with us one night as well. It was a fun time of catching up. 

Final day at the docks. 
Almost empty slips meant the boys could let loose and cool off in the water.

Goodbye Shelter Island.