El Nopal Language School

One benefit of being in La Paz for the last 7 months has been the kids opportunity to attend Spanish language school. We've found El Nopal to be wonderful and their kids program a treasure. In addition to beginning to learn Spanish, they've learned all about weather, geography, art and cooking. Each Wednesday they would learn about a different artist, and then do a project based on it, which were always impressive. It was a really great addition to boat school. My kids didn't love that they had homework, but understood it was helping them.

The staff at El Nopal is extremely flexible, and very kind. Our boys began full time in May and then went to two days a week from June to October. In these last two weeks, Chris and I began taking lessons as well, hoping to take our skills to the next level. At two hours a day, plus homework and I'm pleased with how much more understanding we have of the language structure. We continue to build our vocabulary day by day, and stretch ourselves to retain what we've learned.

Another really fun thing about El Nopal's community, was the chance to meet others outside of the cruising world. From quick encounters with people only in La Paz for a week, or families who were immersing themselves into La Paz for good, we've met neat people with interesting stories. One special family we got to know was the family who runs the school. Juan, Marta, and their kids are incredibly kind and genuine and I can't say enough about how much we appreciate them.

All in all our experience was really positive. It's fun to think that we can continue to learn there since they do online courses. Maybe one day (when internet is doesn't mean finding wifi or using my phone) we'll have a chance to continue, but for now we're on our own! In the meantime, we are thankful Mexicans are very kind and patient with us!