Thanksgiving 2017 {La Paz, Mexico}

Here I go again with another "first holiday" recap....I am so thankful for all the kid boats we get to celebrate with. Since we planned to depart from La Paz just after thanksgiving we didn't sign up for Club Cruceros' Thanksgiving celebration and opted to just see how the day would go. At the very least we'd have a pumpkin pie that we ordered from farmers market.

As it turns out, our friends on Tribe didn't get tickets to the event either and were doing a little something with Sea Klass, so we decided to join in, and I offered to bring dessert - the only thing I was prepared for! Sea Klass (crazy big yacht) was planning on cooking up Tribe's turkey in their full size oven and when Yogi and I went to check in, their cook had prepared some amazing hordearve platters as well.  

The night was perfect. All the other kid boats (Waponi Woo & Anila) came back from the Club Cruceros celebration before we got started so it was one big, fun night. Since we were leaving, Ali on SV Promise sang a really nice song she made up on the fly dedicated to us. It was really sweet. I really love watching these holidays aboard unfold. This life isn't perfect, but it's spectacular and we are grateful to have left La Paz on such a high note.