Isla San Francisco

Not that we've been a lot of places yet, but Isla SF definitely going to rank as a favorite. And not just because we found a new kid boat to hang out with! Isla San Fransisco is a beautiful island with a pristine crescent shaped beach. It's got hiking, snorkeling and a great place to kayak, paddleboarding or walk the beach and find shells. The kid boat we met, SV Sur are amazing people from Carmel Valley, CA, just down in the Sea/mainland for the season. We felt blessed to find another boat that had two boys, the same ages as Finn and Eli, and as it turns out, both have 10 year old Eli's!!!

Funny story: our boys were snorkeling at the shore (where they had their kayaks and stuff on the shore) of the HUGE crescent shaped beach and along comes these big dinghy's from a cruise ship that had pulled into the bay. Chris and I watched as this unfolded, wondering why on earth these adults would not choose ANY other spot along the empty beach. We watched as they spoke with the boys, and then proceeded to set up what looked like a beach party. On their way back to their ship, they stopped by our boat and kindly explained that our boys had the best spot, and that we were invited to their party! They also asked if they could bring us fresh produce and ice as a way to say thanks for interrupting our kids. All of course what forgiven, because drinks on the beach, fresh veggies and ice are an immediate way to a cruisers heart!