Halloween 2017 {La Paz, Mexico}

We had no idea what to expect for our first Halloween as cruisers. We've always had a solid tradition of eating chili and cornbread, trick-or-treating in our neighborhood surrounded by family and cherished friends. It was a little daunting to think about costumes, but thankfully being here in La Paz we have access to tons of shops. After some thought, the boys decided on

  • Josiah: Where's Waldo
  • Eli: Jack Sparrow
  • Finn: A Chocolate Chip Cookie

Fortunately here in La Paz we had a few other kids boats - SV Shawnigan and SV Waponi Woo & Ali from SV Promise to celebrate it with . It felt nice to celebrate the day in our fairly traditional way, easing any pains the kids may have felt from missing besties and family. I still got to make a big pot of chili and we had the kid boats over to our slip to enjoy it together. After that we headed out to a neighborhood we heard did Halloween in a very American way. 

The streets were CRAZY packed with kids and families and the homes that "did" halloween all REALLY did it up . I think it made the kids feel good to have a similar experience to what they're used to, but transformed within the confines of cruising life. While we missed our family and friends, we were so happy to have new friends to celebrate with. It really made it a great night. 

 The Dads

 Josie & Christian

 Shawnigan & Secret Water kiddos


 The trick-or-treating crew

 How many kids can we squish in the truck?

Having a good time.