Goodnight Channel Islands Harbor

Well our time came to say goodbye to this harbor full of good people, wonderful wildlife, and the place that transitioned us from a land living family to live aboard one! Our last night was first spent with Eli's best friend's family and then a Mexican themed potluck dinner with the "Friday Night Clubhouse Group."

The Carlson's were gracious enough to drive my Honda Pilot back up to Santa Maria to its new owner, Lexi. She'll be turning 16 soon, and I can't think of a better person for me to sell my car to. I hope it'll be a great car for her to learn to drive in.

As for the Clubhouse dinner, Chris had already been to a couple of them, but it was the boys and my first. It was a great night of listening to stories, and receiving well wishes on our adventure. Hopefully we can get a photo of the group from that night soon.

Bahia Marina has a great group of boaters, and we are blessed to have met them and
called this place home, even if it was a short while.