Well we left Santa Cruz Island just before dawn. Pulling up the anchor for the first time went pretty smoothly. The winless stopped working (no idea why) with 5 feet to go. So strong, hubby pulled it up while I got the chain down into the locker. Honestly, who knows why it happened, but I was grateful to have it go that well. I think I'm still so new at all of this that I expect everything (including keeping my food down) to be a huge challenge, especially the first time around. 

It's about an 8 hour cruise from Santa Cruz to Catalina. There wasn't much wind, so we ended up motoring the whole way, only bringing the sails up for a brief time. The auto pilot still isn't working so it was a long day of taking turns hand steering. Not the most efficient, but we thankfully got into Two Harbors just as the sun was setting. 

We let the Harbor Patrol know we were approaching and that we were new to mooring. She was so friendly, and said she'd meet us out there. It was pretty strait forward, but it was nice to have her out there answering my questions. 

We see Catalina in the distance!

 It's an Isthmus! Exploration and a geography lesson in one. 

Secret Water, moored successfully!

Beach Play!

Went to the restaurant for appetizers and drinks. The Buffalo Milk was yummy!