Projects Projects Projects!

We've been up to our eyeballs in all kinds of projects and checking things off the list in anticipation for our upcoming departure from Channel Islands Harbor for Mexico.

Chris's list:

-installing the parts for our new water maker. When we get to Newport, we'll have an electrician wire   it, as well as our solar panels We purchased a Cruise RO and will put out 30gal/hour of water for    us. Super excited to be able to make our own water.

-put up our EPIRB in the cockpit. I't been registered for months now, but has just been sitting pretty    in the box. We opted for this one

- changing/checking oils,

-making trips to West Marine and Port Hueneme to buy this and that daily.

-installed new LED spreader lights

-installed 12 volt fans in all the rooms in anticipation of warmer weather. It's been so cold it's hard to    think about things like fans....

I've been working on:

-new curtains for the boat to update it a bit. Since I don't have a sewing machine on board, I've been working at my in-laws house during Thanksgiving and Christmas visits.

-getting our Ship's station license with the help of Gordon West's wife, Suzy.

-getting our finances in order, letting the banks know about our plans, etc.

-taking the boys to a "final" check-up at their pediatrician and filling prescriptions for medications the doctor feels we need to have on hand. 

-Putting up lifeline netting. This was something I was suppose to do, but proved to be more of a two  person job!

-getting Opal's paperwork and shots up to date. She'll see a vet in San Diego for her International Health Certificate before we depart for Mexico so I don't have to drive to the Central Coast to see her vet. Meanwhile, she's adapting to boat life the best way she knows how.