Goodbye Channel Islands Harbor, Hello Santa Cruz Island!

We were able to untie the dock lines at about 8:30am, which is pretty good for this boat livin' homeschoolin' family. Our new friends Mike and Steve were there to see us off, and I caught sight of Mack and one other waving us on as we left the harbor for the last time. It was moment that stirred emotions, as I realized, we really were doing this! 
Opal loved Steve, and I'm pretty sure he felt the same about her. 

 Leaving the harbor, we could already see our first destination.

Not sure what they are looking for here!

"We should take a picture, to remember the beginning of it all!" Not our best, but I like it. 
It should also be noted, this was before my sea sickness set in.

 Evening photo of Santa Cruz after a successful first time setting anchor. What a nerve wracking feeling, to have it get dark and hope that you wont be out there (at least on the first day) trying to do it over. I'm sure those days are coming, but I'm thankful that it wasn't that night! That being said, I was so sick from the swells and rolley anchorage, I didn't have much in me to think much more than that. Beside, we have a nifty anchor watch app that lets you know if your boat moves. It gave us both pease of mind while sleeping.

This was probably Opal's hardest day. She did NOT want to use her potty mat, even though I knew exactly what it was for. She let me know how unhappy she was by peeing ON MY BED while we set anchor. This did not go over well with my already sickened state. The last thing I wanted to be doing was cleaning my bedding at a crazy rolley anchorage while feeling sick. Thankfully, it didn't get to the mattress, so I was able to change the bedding out so I could go and lie down. 

 Thank goodness for beautiful sunrises! We were all pretty excited that we made it through our first night at anchorage, and woke up right where we had went to sleep.  In the distance is Anacapa Island. 

There's Secret Water down there in Little Scorpion Bay, all by her lonesome. 

Did a small hike to catch the view.

Santa Cruz is a beautif