Day Trip to Santa Cruz Island

I've driven highway 101 between San Luis Obispo and Orange County hundreds of times. The Channel Islands frame a stretch of the highway, serving as place markers, letting me know I was about half way through. I never knew too much about them, or the beauty they behold. 

When I began sailing lessons last year, the islands took on a new meaning. They became a destination. So on a beautiful day, we headed out to Santa Cruz. We motored out there and it took about 3 hours. We took care of "business" emptying the tanks past the 3 mile line, and learned that the closest oil platform's name is Gail. Opal continues to love having the wind in her face. 

The highlight of the trip was all the dolphins. It was a true treat watching them play under the bow of the boat. I couldn't pull myself away from them to get my camera, so unfortunately no pictures of them. It's moments like this that make me feel honored to be doing what we are doing. 

Opal and Finn kept me company while at the helm. 

Getting close!

We're hoping to get out to Santa Cruz/Anacapa again on our way south and stay a couple nights. That way we can spend some time exploring the islands.