Going Solar!

Chris worked on getting the solar panels out of our car and installed on the boat. Each solar panel will give us 325 Watts of power, and we have 3! That's not enough for us to be all solar, but it's a lot to help us out. We installed two above the cockpit, and one hanging on the side of the boat. It will be able to pivot up when in use, and hang down when underway. When we go down to Newport on our way south, we'll have a marine electrician wire them up for us.  
 Chris installed brackets on the existing supports for our cockpit cover, then burned holes through the canvas so they'd reach the panels. 

Getting them tightly secured proved to be quite tricky. Chris was pretty amazing at it. 

Installation finished!

And, since big solar panels come with big cardboard pieces the kids got to have
some fun with oil pastels!