Rainy days

Surprisingly, we've had a lot more rain this year than last years El Nino. It's made for some cozy days one Secret Water. We've been listening to the Harry Potter series on audiobook, so days like these are a great excuse to listen longer. Josiah and Eli are reading through the series, but don't seem to mind listening to them, while for Finn, Chris and I it's our first time through the series. Each time we finish an audio book, we watch the movie. It's been a fun family activity for our many long drives to visit family and friends, and rainy days like this one.

On this particular day, we headed over to the CI National Park Center since we had just been out to Santa Cruz the day before. This is probably one of my favorite freedoms of boat school, the freedom to take their education anywhere. Then we went to Carpenteria to buy a used kayak from a local surf shop. The boys pooled their money for the purchase. Then when it started to rain, Finn and Eli asked to learn how to knit! Surprising, but true! So I taught them, and they did it all the way until bedtime. Josiah tortured Opal by putting a rain jacket on her, playing Legos and his iPad. Doing all this, surrounded by Christmas decorations, listening to a great book, made for a great day.