What It's Like - Month 1

It’s been one month since all 5 of us moved onto the boat. The days have flown by, and we’re all genuinely tired by the evening.So what’s it actually like to go from living on land to a boat?

-There are days when you hit your head. A lot. And it makes you want to say things you shouldn’t. Because after all, you just hit your head in that EXACT same spot 20 minutes earlier, you feel as if you should have learned!

-I have crazy bruises on my hips and thighs from running into things. 

-I didn’t sleep well for at least the first two weeks. The master stateroom is in the back of the boat. The shape of our boat back there curves up toward the swim step so water will slap the boat if it isn’t calm. It sounds like your in a fish bowl being sloshed around. Lately it’s been really quite (thankfully), and I believe I’m adjusting to the various boat sounds as well. If I am woken up, I’ve been able to fall back asleep pretty easily. 

-The bathrooms heads are a lot like an rv, and I've yet to actually shower on the boat. I prefer heading up to the marina facilities. 

-It’s really starting to feel like home. I’m half way through with new window coverings, and it makes a huge difference. The old ones were dusty and worn, and not “us.” I also went through and lined every shelf and drawer in our bedroom, bathrooms, and kitchen with fun contact paper to add a fresh, updated feeling. 

-Decorating for Christmas took less than an hour. It doesn’t take much to make a dent in a small space!

That's all I can think of for now. I get asked all sorts of questions by family, friends and strangers, so if you have any that haven't been answered, comment with them.