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     School has gotten a lot better. I don't know if I even had time to post before about it being difficult. With so much transition for the boys and I, it was hard to be consistent. We took a "fall break" but have been back at it. There are still hard days, but we are finding our rhythm which feels great. I have really high expectations of myself, so when I feel like I'm treading water and failing, it doesn't feel great....

     This week the boys have been working on a science video. Their task is to report their experiences  and information about the animal life here in our harbor. They need to learn how to edit it all together before we can post it on YouTube.


  1. Hi Annie, sorry I missed the day you shoved off from Shaw. I'm the tutor/cruiser you met one day at school.

    I guess you are in Channel Islands? Where's your next stop? We enjoyed our cruise down the Calif coast 20 years ago. (1996) There's a great boatyard in Encinada called Baja Naval where we outfitted our Morgan. At that time we could drive parts duty free from West Marine in San Diego. Actually we snuck stuff into Mexico. Then then did not stop cars entering Mexico.

    We also enjoyed Marina Coral in Encinada. When do you expect to hit Cabo? Where will you leave Mexico for the South Pacific? Many leave from Paradise Village in Nuevo Varrarta.

    We decided to go through the Canal in 99/2000 rather thank the South Pacific which usually means a circumnavigation. From Central America and the Caribbean it's easy to fly home to keep in touch with family.

    We have fond memories of out 20 years out cruising. We went to Cuba from our Florida base early in 2016.

    I'll keep checking your blog. It is an adjustment living "out there" but another wonderful and challenging world.
    Best wishes,
    Bill Gloege
    (I'm Mrs Hoffman's helper)

    1. Hi Bill! Sorry for the late response, I've been behind on blogging because of the holidays. We'll, and trying to get everything in order to leave Channel Islands Harbor. We have a loose timeline which I suppose I should post about! You're adventures sound so wonderful. We are grateful to have this opportunity, even though sometimes it feels overwhelming. We have a few US stops planned before checking in to Ensenada. We plan to do stops about about a day sail apart all the way around baja into the sea of Cortez. We do plan to spend plenty of time in La Paz, but the rest we will feel out and take it as it comes. Hope all is well at Shaw. It's great you volunteer in the classroom, it's so needed.



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