The Ever Growing List

      We all have them, they grow and shrink like the tide. Owning a boat, like owning a house means there's always something to be done. But living in a tight space I've found, puts some projects in your face! That smelly toilet that needs to be rebuilt? Can't ignore it forever....What about the 3, EIGHT foot solar panels hanging out in the garage I mean car? Or the water maker that is coming next week?! That sounds intense. The hubby finds the latter two projects exciting, which is great. I'm always more excited about the outcome. Being able to make some of our own power and fresh water will be amazing. Projects are part of life, but somehow it feels like we've been in MAJOR project mode for a long time. Oh wait...we have been. Almost a year ago we packed up our playroom so that it could be demolished! But here we are, our "finish line" is in site. Or maybe it's our "start line?" Either way, all these projects [house and boat] have been so we could begin the cruising life. It feels great to be getting close. 

      One item we got checked off the list today was getting our home port [the city name that sits under the boat name] changed. Since Vancouver B.C. is no longer Secret Water's home port, we needed to have it repainted. We designated Port San Luis as our home port with the USCG. It's our family's "home" beach. It's special to us for a lot of reasons. Our kids identify with it as a special place, and Chris and I were baptized there together in Avila during college. We had Gino, the sign painter update the blues to make it a little more us as well. 
Gino at work

The finished product

Our "garage"