Bahia Colonett to Bahia Tortuga

So we left Ensenada provisioned and in search of anchorages. While being at a dock is nice in many ways, it can drain the wallet pretty quick! And since we look forward to stretching our dollar for a long while we need to be wise with the funds. Plus, we are eager to meet our cruising goal of La Paz!

We cruised down to Bahia Colonett for a night's rest before our first night passage. Colonett is really just a stretch of coastline, with nothing in sight.  We arrived just prior to sunset, and were up before sunrise pulling anchor and continuing on. 

 Sunset at Bahia Colonett

It took us a total of 36 hours to get from Colonett to Tortuga since there really wasn't a lot in the way of wind to help our speed. One advantage of running the engine is that we can make water! In addition to filling the tanks, Chris fills store bought containers that we use as our drinking water. 

 This was our first time anchoring at night. We're so glad we were cautious to keep our distance from shore. When we woke up the next morning there were a few more boats than we thought since not all of them had their anchor lights on. Phew!

One thing I've really loved about cruising so far is all the inspiring people we're meeting. For example, the Gusev's. They were the first Russian couple to ever circumnavigate with kids, and have been at it for 25 years! Which leads me to the other thing I love; how open and inviting people are. You know when the new neighbor moves in and you pop by to say welcome? The same seems to apply on water, except you hop in your dingy and go say hi. The Gusev's popped over and said hello, and invited us to their boat to share stories. Theirs were way more interesting....

 Here are a few shots of what Bahia Tortuga is like. It's very small town and remote feeling, but it had a good little store. I'm told during the Haha, this bay is filled with boats. 

Lastly, as we prepared for a two night passage, I prepped some dinner and breakfast foods in hopes of ensuring a smoother cruise to Mag Bay.