Bahia de los Frailes

We were ready to leave Cabo. It's great, we'd love to go back, but Spring Break isn't our thing. So we pulled up anchor and headed to Bahia de los Frailes. It's really just a fishing village. No town in sight, just fisherman and their families living on the beach with half a dozen over the top vacation homes.

We loved the remoteness and rugged beauty of Frailes, along with the crystal clear shoreline. Manta Rays would jump out of the water in a ritualistic mating call, and at night there were inflorescences in the water. It makes going to bed at night tough for the kids with all the action going on in the water.
We spent two nights there which made for a nice full day in-between for us to enjoy the beach. Opal is continuing getting used to being a beach girl. We sure are glad we bought an umbrella at Costco in Cabo, it's come in handy!

Fernando is local. He's lived in Frailes all his life and speaks amazing English. He's a caretaker for one of the vacations homes along the bay, and lives there with his family. It was fun to chat with him. 

If Finn could keep every rock he finds, he would. So we settle on a picture, and keep a couple.