Balandra Beach, La Paz

Wait, did I just type La Paz as our location? Woohoo! Ever since we made this leap from land to sea we dreamt and set La Paz as our first goal. "Let's just get there and see where it leads us. If nothing else, if we hate the life, we can return knowing we did it." Our hope has been to live this life without regret. We want to look back and know that we tried. You'd think I would have had some sort of melt down like I did when we rounded the tip into Cabo, but no. I was perfectly happy and at peace, and that seemed to be the place we were all at.

Balandra is a bit outside of downtown. It has shallow clear water for days. We've never anchored and launched the kayak/surfboard so fast. It was a mad dash to be in the water. Opal wasn't thrilled with our departure but she managed to keep Secret Water secure during our absence. I'm sure there was a lot of sleeping involved.

Night was a different story. We experienced what's called a Coromell. "It's a weather phenomenom unique to the La Paz area....The winds are created when the cool marine air from the Pacific side of the peninsula are drawn over the desert to the relatively warmer side of the Gulf of California." -Wikipedia

Oh my the winds were fierce. We totally dragged our anchor, but not enough to reset it. As night fell there were about 8 boats around us, by morning only a few of us remained. Needless to say, Chris and I didn't sleep. Knowing that we had about a week of this ahead of us, we made the decision to head into a marina. We knew we'd eventually be heading into one to get work done on the boat, so it seemed like a good time. We look forward to heading back out to Balandra soon.