We made it across the border! While we don’t know where this sailing journey will end up taking us, our first goal has always been Mexico. Originally, our hope was to make it to Ensenada by early February, but such is life. We are grateful for the extra time spent in the states with family, and feeling confident that Secret Water is as ready as she’ll ever be. The only real bummer of leaving two months behind our “schedule” is that we’ve missed the opportunity to experience and interact with newly born whale calfs in Punta Abre Ojos. We’ve heard that’s incredible, that you can actually reach out and touch these magnificent creatures. 

So here we are…it’s early April. Living aboard, no matter where we’re at is living the life that we’ve worked so hard to transition to, but actually making it across a boarder makes the experience feel all the more real and exciting. Instead of me giving an account of Ensenada, I’m going to post it from our boys points of view. As part of school, each of them has had to write a personal summary of their experience. Feel free to comment and give them feedback on how they could improve. We’d love to hear from you. 

Finn - age 7

“We sailed to Ensenada, Mexico. It looks a lot like the USA, but has a giant Mexican flag. First, we had tacos in a little shop. Then we met new friends, they lived in Canada, now they live on a boat. Over the next few days we went to the museum, park and the blow hole. My favorite was the blow hole because I got soaked. Ensenada was very amazing because it was a great experience.”

Eli - Age 9

“My time in Ensenada was awesome because it was the first stop in Mexico. When you first look at Ensenada [from the water], you see a gigantic Mexican flag. It flies on a giant pole with a motor to bring it down. Ensenada felt a lot like the USA to me. We met some cruiser friend around our age, they lived in Canada before they lived on a boat. Ensenada was a great place with lots of friendly people.”

Josiah - age 11

“My family and I sailed to Ensenada, Mexico. My first impression was that it had the hugest flag I had ever seen! During our time there we made some cruiser friends our age. They came from Canada and they have stayed in Ensenada for a year. They have 3 boys and 1 girl and we went to the park and museum with them. In the museum, there was a very cool earthquake room. It would shake you around, and you would walk around! Later that day, my family and I went to the Blow Hole, La Bufadora. Water goes into a hole in the rock, then comes out the top. I got wet and it was fun! I thought Ensenada was a change of culture for me, but I really did like it. I loved the little shops, they have fruit, toys, and friendly people. I love the people, culture and Mexico for it’s pretty places.”

A glance at our navigation.

The Mexican flag is flying, albeit on the wrong side, but it's up there!

Eli spent most of the day reading. 

We ALWAYS love when the dolphins come to say hi.

First things first, we hunt down some tacos.

After all, we have our priorities....

The entire staff at Cruz Port Marina were helpful in getting us checked into the country.

Eli is always eager to jump in and start cleaning the boat. This time he had a new friend enjoy the water with him. It was nice for the boys to meet some kids their age.

Digging for fossils and playing on a pirate ship at the science museum with the kids from S/V Roamin.

La Bufadora.
 It's a bit of a trek out there, but it was a great experience.

Opal says, "Why cant I understand the people here?"