Bahia de los Sueños

So the kids LOVED this Bay. Chris and I loved it too. It may have something to do with feeling pampered at a certain restaurant....Sueños is a lot like Frailes, it has beautiful beaches and feels pretty remote. It has it's share of gigantic vacation homes, but unlike Frailes it has resort and two restaurants. One of which has a pool. Yes, the restaurant has pool. This was a first for us, and man did it make for a fun and different kind of day for us.

Chris had some work to do and needed good internet, which of course they provided. Opal was welcome to be there, and the kids could swim to their hearts content. In return, we ordered drinks and lunch. Freddie remembered us by name and came to check on us occasionally. Ummm...had we all died and gone to Mexican heaven? Cruiser life if fun and adventurous, but luxurious and pampering it is not! So we enjoyed the day to the fullest.

Out on the beach we were fortunate to meet and American family living in La Paz. They had been to Sueños before and took us out on a snorkeling adventure to show us the good reefs. We exchanged numbers so that we could meet up when we get to La Paz. Huge blessing. We are hoping to meet more and more families with kids.

I may or may not have eaten this pico de gallo leftovers with the spoon...

 While I'm not quite a morning person, getting to see the sunrise can't be beat. Good-bye Sueños.